Is There A Difference Between A Chiropractor And Physiotherapist?

Published: 10th September 2009
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Physiotherapists and Chiropractors both work tirelessly to help their patients improve their ability to function and move normally while also investing time and effort into finding a way to reduce a patient's pain. Because both professionals involve working with a patient's ability to move and the reduction of pain, many people get the two fields confused. The truth is that there are some fundamental differences between Chiropractors and Physiologists and this article will spell out a few of those differences for the reader.


Physiotherapists have to finish at least four years of schooling as well as two years of masters training. The schooling and training involve quite a few different types of therapy and the student must become proficient in all of them in order to get licensed. The physiology license requires regular renewals in order for the physiologist to practice professionally. The renewal is important because it means that the Physiologist has to keep current on therapy techniques and research advancements.

A Chiropractor needs only complete three years of school before enrolling in a Chiropractic college which involves three years of study and one year "in the field." The Chiropractor is also required to renew his license regularly, but the intensity of the study work is not as strict as the work a Physiotherapist must do before being allowed to practice professionally.

Relieving Pain

A Chiropractor offers his patients pain relief through pain prevention techniques that he teaches his patients as well as recurrent visits to his office. In order to stay pain free, the Chiropractic patient needs to keep seeing the Chiropractor for alignments and other types of treatment.

Physiologists treat their patients' pain through their own types of therapy. The goal of physiotherapy is to improve the patient's ability to move. To do this the Physiotherapist might teach his patient exercises to do at home as well as working with him in a professional setting. As the patient does his therapy his pain will start to go away until it is completely gone. Eventually the patient's injury will heal and he'll be able to move freely and physiotherapy will no longer be required.

Belief System

Chiropractors believe that all of a patient's problems can be traced back to the spine. This includes problems involving the endocrine and respiratory systems as well as obvious problems in the back and in the joints. Chiropractics believe that if the spine is fixed, the other ailments will heal as well.

Physiologists do not believe that everything can be cured through spine alignment. Physiotherapists treat the specific injury that is troubling the patient while doing what he can to reduce the patient's pain.

There are quite a few similarities between Physiotherapists and Chiropractors, but the truth is that they are different fields of therapy and medicine.

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